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Choosing the right photographer.

You have the dress, the suits, flowers, cake, venue, rings and band….but what is the one thing that will remain an everlasting memory of your wedding day? Your photos should be a beautiful and timeless account of the most important day of your life and should help every bride and groom to re-live the romance and excitement all over again.

I always try to have these discussions with my clients and friends/family who are planning their wedding as I feel passionately that they are important.

What's the best advice you'd give to any couple getting married?

The photos are the lasting memories of the day.   A professional photographer will put in the time and effort to make sure your wedding photos are incredible, from capturing the key moments of the day, the romance and happiness and finally what about the detail touches you have slaved over for months? These things can easily be overlooked.  This also includes hours of post-processing to really make them shine.  

Make sure your photographer has the correct insurances. Kit cover, Public liability insurance and professional indemnity cover.

Finally and perhaps most importantly try not to shop on price.  Try to research photographers that tick the boxes visually and then narrow down to what fits your budget.

How important is it for the couple to spend time with their photographer before the wedding?

If you don't meet your photographer before the wedding, even just on Skype, you're taking a risk.  This person is going to be with you all day long, on one of the most important days of your lives, so it's vital you feel comfortable with them and you both need to be certain that you understand what is expected on the day. I will always meet my couples – if I can to visit the venue with them, and definitely for a cuppa and a chat. Also, if the photographer gets to know you well, they will be more emotionally invested in the day - at a recent wedding I actually teared up during the speeches! Wedding photographers aren't just suppliers, they're one of the most important guests at your wedding.  A great time to spend with your photographer pre-wedding is at the venue. You can show them round and point out all the things you love about the place so that they can capture it from your perspective on the day! For me, getting to know my clients a bit prior to the wedding is important because I don't like to rattle out the same routine. Every wedding is unique and capturing it should reflect the couple in question.

How important is the background?

Great people make great photographs, and a great background isn't essential but it’s well worth thinking about what you're giving your photographer to work with and how you want your photos to look. Don't think it’s essential for your photographer to know your chosen wedding venue, I love to go to new places for the first time!  This again is why it is useful to meet the photographer at the venue prior to the wedding day.

More to it than you thought?

The answer is nearly always yes.

If you have any thoughts questions or would like some advise please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you


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